A Guide in Humane Awareness

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  • Read a commentary on this course entitled, Putting the Humane in Humanity, written by London, Ontario, columnist Jason Menard.

  • Thanks to Dr. Paul Wong of the International Network on Personal Meaning for publishing this material.

  • People who think of suicide, often suffer pain that stems from feeling deeply humiliated, dehumanized, neglected and left alone. Kenneth Hemmerick developed A Guide in Human Awareness that offers many helpful thoughts. The world can change when what Kenneth calls "proactive kindness" is applied, both by society at large and by the victim. Often victims are not aware of the power and resources they have and to what extent they indeed are in a position to contribute to changing the world. Evelin Gerda Lindner, M.D., Ph.D. (Dr. med.), Ph.D. (Dr. psychol.)

  • Dear Kenneth, What a wonderful idea you made come real. Dr. Wolfgang Fischer, Munich, Germany, Initiative Emanzipation ad Humanum

  • What can HUMANESS be ?

    We are human
    Are we humane ?
    Do we ever walk
    On Compassion Lane?

    What´s humanely being ?
    A set of values pure
    Ways of humanizing
    Making others secure ?

    How can we be merciful
    When others we criticize
    Can we show mercifulness
    And make a humane surprise ?

    Human beings
    All mortals are
    Humane beings ?
    We`re still so far !

    Written by Professor Francisco Gomes de Matos,
    Applied Peace Linguist, after reading this material. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil

Copyright © Kenneth Hemmerick 2005
All Rights Reserved

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