A Guide in Humane Awareness

A Guide in Humane Awareness is a tool that will enable you to take some time to reflect upon experiences that you have had that involved kindness, cruelty and humaneness.

In the process of remembering or thinking about these experiences, you will develop a deeper appreciation for the value of kindness in your life. You will also develop a more profound insight into cruelty and its ramifications.

Finally, you will be able to see how to nurture and grow the innate humane being that resides in you, and in all human beings.

The word humane is an adjective that, according to The Oxford English Reference Dictionary, means:

  • 1. benevolent, compassionate.
  • 2. inflicting the minimum of pain.
  • 3. (of a branch of learning) tending to civilize or confer refinement.
Princeton University's WordNet 2.0 defines the noun humaneness as "the quality of compassion or consideration for others (people and animals.)" I believe that humaneness is the quality of compassion or consideration for all life, animate and inanimate.

Why Would I Want to Take This Course?
    You have never taken any time to seriously think about cruelty, kindness or humaneness.

    You can see that by strengthening your humane awareness, you would be doing your part to help create and sustain a more humane world.

    A Guide in Humane Awareness eBook is FREE to use. Donations through PayPal are appreciated. Please see Donations, CDs, Materials, Workshops and Talks.
You may say, "I am actually quite benevolent and compassionate. I give to charity. I volunteer. I inflict the minimum of pain in my relations with others, and I tend to be considerate and civilizing, offering some refinement in my interaction with the people and animals in my life."
    You will develop a deeper self-awareness of the goodness that you are doing and being in your life. So often, we do not take time to appreciate the humane qualities that we bring into the world. The self-awareness that this guide offers will help you to increase your ability to give.
You may say, "I am generally a good person, but from time to time people or situations get under my skin, and I feel mean-spirited, or I get frustrated when street people ask me for change. I know I am humane but I guess my humaneness doesn't always comes through."
    You will develop a sense of awareness of opportunities where you can exhibit humaneness without feeling burnt out or having a sense that your goodness in not being appreciated.
You may say, "I work in the business world where the bottom line often means difficult decisions that have to be made are often not kind and can be sometimes very cruel. What would this course do for me?"
    Taking time to reflect upon humane concepts will strengthen your ability to make ethical decisions. Many companies are now more aware of the need to have a holistic approach to their enterprise that involves the humane treatment of people, animals and the environment.
Who Would Benefit From Taking This Course?
  • People in the Helping Professions
  • Students of all Ages
  • Volunteers
  • Teachers
  • Child Care Workers
  • Board members and Employees of Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Business Managers, Executives and Staff
  • Customer Service Personnel
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