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A Guide in Humane Awareness


If you have received this Guide in Humane Awareness online and would like make a donation because you found the material useful, and in taking this course have deepened your appreciation of kindness, cruelty and humaneness, secure donations can be made through clicking on the PayPal link found at the bottom of this page.

If you do not feel like making a donation in support of humane awareness at this time, please consider supporting your favourite charity.


A Guide in Humane Awareness

CD versions of the Guide in Humane Awareness are $10 + S&H

Printed editions are available for $25 + S&H

Workshops and Motivational Talks

Email me to inquire about having me speak or provide a workshop for your group, club, company, organization or school.

Humane T-Shirts

T-shirt - the energy in humane = empathy ™

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Mug - the energy in humane = empathy ™

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